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The SYMDECK 73 profiled steel sheeting is a galvanized trapezoidal profile which is being used in the construction of large spanning composite decks. Moreover it can be used alone (i.e. without concrete) as the main structural element for light floors.

The upper surface of the steel sheeting is stiffened against local buckling with an intermediate stiffener in its middle. Within the web of the cross-section there are embossments which offer the extra bond required between the steel sheeting and the concrete in order to transmit the longitudinal shear forces which develop at the interface of the two materials. It should be mentioned that the pure bond between the steel sheeting and the concrete is not considered as effective for the composite action.

Steel sheetings are always manufactured according to the high standards of the factory, with a thickness that varies from 0.75 mm to 1.25 mm. The steel being used is of high quality S320G in accordance to Eurocode 3, galvanized, and can be painted in various colours. The geometrical and inertial properties of the SYMDECK 73 profiled steel sheeting for each thickness are presented in the following tables.

Geometrical and inertial properties


Geometrical and inertial properties per meter of width of cross section


  • Coil Width: 1250mm
  • Coil Thickness: 0.75mm ~ 1.25mm (±0.02)
  • Covering Width: 750 ±5.0mm
  • Depth of Wave: 73 ±1.0mm
  • Pitch: 187.5 ±2mm



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